The H Group of Companies

We are a boutique group of dedicated companies that encompass every facet of Talent Management, Entertainment, Media, Lifestyle and Events – from conception and management to promotion, organisation and execution.

Our various talent divisions Manage and Represent an eclectic group of renowned international personalities and artists in the fields of music, entertainment, sports and culinary arts.

Our Lifestyle business offers the fulfilment of unforgettable, bespoke travel and luxury lifestyle experiences.

In our Music and media companies, we manage a variety of intellectual property rights related to book publishing, music back catalogue, song publishing, live concert broadcasts, and film and television productions.

Over the past five decades, we have carefully assembled a selection of timeless works by iconic artists, giving us a profound appreciation and respected reputation in the industry for over half a century.

As concert and event promoters, we have promoted, staged and curated unparalleled, tailor-made events in Sports, Music Concerts and Culinary events.

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